Juston International Supply Chain (Shenzhen) Co., LTD was set up in 2014,located in Shenzhen city ,the south of China .Nearing the Yantian port ,Shekou port ,Nansha port and Guangzhou airport ,neighboring Hong Kong city .Benefiting from the unique geographical location and the vigorous development of foreign trade, especially the rapid development of e-commerce in recent years, Juston people keep pace with The Times, relying on the team , the team has achieved rapid development. What kind of team are we?

Company vision: To become the best international supply chain service provider in China.

Company philosophy: customer - centered, people-oriented, morality as the top.

Company culture: honesty, unity, hard work and practicability.

Company services: FCL and LCL cargo international shipping;International air freight;China-Europe Railway Express;International storage;FBA freight services;Destination customs clearance ;Destinaiton delivery services, etc.

    Juston group, a logistics platform developed by several people, is determined to provide the best services to customers . what are the characteristics of this team?

First: Customer The First ,is the core value of the platform. Based on this principle, Juston people emphasizes empathy, thinking from the perspective of customers, such as the safety of goods, time-efficient, cost performance of freight and so on. Customer experience is our pursuit. Juston is committed to providing customers with comfortable experience for every business, and takes this as the sole criterion to judge its own value. We are not perfect, but have always been committed to the pursuit of perfection on the way.

Second: People-oriented. We emphasize and recognize the value of each person. We the people here are partners. No matter you be a founder or a new comer, you will be fully respected.we are trying to providing a platform for people to realize self-value,and creating happy life for every people here .

Third: Preference to Morality.We focus on quality, not only on goods, what kind of service we can provide, but also on moral character, what kind of personality the service provider has? In the expansion of the team, Juston people does not focus on the speed , but for the good morality ,to find the partners with good virtue . We regard character as the primary condition to enter the platform. Of course, we are also improving the conditions of the platform itself, so that it conforms to character and humanity.

Juston group is committed to becoming the best international supply chain service provider in China. This is a very ambitious goal, and the only way we can achieve it is to serve every customer well and focus on the customer experience of every business.

Our customer friends, thank you for reading this , welcome your criticism and suggestions;

Our peer friends ,thank you for reading ,if you recognize our concept, welcome you to join our team, hand in hand, to achieve this goal.

Relying on strong cargo transportation
Has a rigorous transportation organization
Relying on strong cargo transportation, shore production resources, the overall strength of overseas organizations, extend and improve logistics supply chain management, to win the trust of customers, specializing in domestic goods transportation services
Has a rigorous transportation organization, is a supply chain integration of professional transportation company, improve service quality and level, excellenceForeign body flow brand, for more and more manufacturing enterprises to provide better quality, convenient, safe and efficient logistics services
Juston International Supply Chain (Shenzhen) Co., LTD
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